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  • M3 Driver
  • M5 Driver
  • Heatset Insert Tool
  • Soldering Iron (Not Included)



Hardware Needed

  • M3 Heatset Insert (6x)
  • M3x8 Socket Head Cap Screw (7x)
  • M3x16 Socket Head Cap Screw (2x)
  • M5 T-Nuts (2x)
  • M5x10 Button Head Cap Screw (2x)
  • Display Panel
  • SD Reader
  • LCD Controller
  • LCD Ribbon Cable
  • SD Ribbon Cable

Printed Parts

  • LCD Front Cover (1x)
  • LCD Rear Cover (1x)
  • LCD Bottom Cover (1x)
  • LCD Mount (1x)
  • Display Spacer (1x)
  • Ribbon Cable Clip (1x)

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LCD Ribbon Installation Steps

1 - Loosen the small tabs and open the connector using a small flat-bladed screwdriver.

2 - Gently insert the ribbon cable into the connector until the shiny metallic contacts are fully inserted to the connector.

3 - While holding the ribbon in place, use your fingers to latch the connector.

4 - Make sure the connector is fully seated, and properly closed.