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Plunger Health and Cleaning

The plunger is a mechanically important part of your Cocoa Press. Responsible for both compressing the liquedous compound chocolate, and allowing air to escape past the top, it's a core part of keeping your fused food fabrication prints edible and safe.

However, these parts are wear parts, and will need to be replaced over time.

Good Plungers

Intact, undamaged plunger

Good plungers have intact upper lips, as well as appear relatively circular. Any damage takes it into the below category.

Worn Plungers

Worn plungers may have damage to their seal lip, or have collapsed, been crushed, or otherwise don't function as intended. These should be disposed of.

Cleaning Steps

  • Wipe or break off any large chunks of chocolate with paper towels.
  • Submerge plungers in warm water for approximately ten minutes to soften chocolate stuck between gaps.
  • Using tube brush, clean inside ridge of plunger to remove interior chocolate.
  • Pat dry with paper towels, then allow to air-dry.
  • Double-check all chocolate is removed from interior groove.


In your kit is also provided a delrin push-rod, to make removing the plungers easier should they become stuck inside a cartridge. Simply unscrew the nozzle and use the push rod to firmly eject the cartridge before washing thoroughly.